Essay on A Utopia Is A Perfect Society

Essay on A Utopia Is A Perfect Society

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Utopias are created so people can dream of a better life. A Utopia is a perfect society. Moore creates his idea city on a secluded island in order for reformation. Moore sees many issues in society and dreams of a place where these problems are cured.
Moore sees an issue with the way people are punished when they commit a crime. During his time men were killed for stealing a loaf of bread. He justifies his opinion on stealing by comparing soldiers to thieves. When solders go to a foreign land or win a war they pillage and steal, just the same as someone stealing to put food on the table. He believes that people should not be punished for death for stealing. Moore understands that stealing is a minor crime compared to murder.
Moore’s solution to killing for pity crimes is slavery. Slavery that is not decided upon race or religion. The kind of slavery Moore explains is created to punish people captured in battle or people that committed a terrible crime. These slaves are not purchased. Slaves in Utopia can be freed; if they work hard and are good. The children of slaves are not born into slavery, because they are pure and did nothing wrong. Slaves have to work constantly and are always chained to learn from their mistakes.
Slavery, the issue of imprisonment, and punishing by death are all large problems seen in today’s society. In the 20th century we are having difficulty stopping sex trafficking. In a Utopian society this would not have feasted into a massive loss of life. Young girls are kidnapped and then sold into the sex trade. They are transported and treated terribly across the world. Moore’s society doesn’t have this form of slavery because it would go against everyone’s religion. In Utopia everyone has to practice a rel...

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...ctual studies. Things are not worth stealing or committing a crime to have. Everything in Utopia is bountiful. All of the children are educated, so that they will develop and be molded into a Utopian. There is no one that is not skilled to work or to be useful in society. Some pupils have manual work and others work on intellectual projects depending on what they specialize in. Utopians have a lot of free time to learn new things and study.
The Utopia created by Moore allows everyone to have a fair advantage in life. The policies implemented in Utopia would end the Sex Trade, would cut the cost of prisons, and the crime rate would decline. The Utopian society remodel the human population to have set morals and to feel supported and like family throughout the nation. The rules and obligations people have to society creates an atmosphere of simplicity and happiness.

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