A Utopi A Theory Of Political Or Social Perfection Essay

A Utopi A Theory Of Political Or Social Perfection Essay

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A utopia, as defined by Dictionary.com, is “any visionary system of political or social perfection.” The keyword in this definition is “visionary,” or imaginary, which means that anyone can have their own version of a utopia. Hypothetically, even if we had unlimited resources at our disposal and there were no political or societal obstacles in our way, it still could never happen based on the simple fact that a society could never decide on which version of a utopia is best. One utopia might sound like a personal form of prison for another. This is why I chose to focus more on how people think and act in my utopia, rather than limiting personal freedom, living in a specific location, or creating a rigid structure in which the society follows. The essentials of my utopia involve unlimited education, strong democracy, and it is populated with independent, compassionate, and responsible citizens.

Every efficient society begins with an effective education. My ideal society would give everyone access to free and unlimited education that not only covers general education of English, math, and the sciences, but also places importance on learning life skills. One thing that I really dislike about the society in which we live, is that our general education never teaches us how to do vital things like how to responsibly manage our money, how to perform first aid in emergency situations, even knowing how to change a tire would be helpful. Don’t worry, though – I know the Pythagorean Theorem! This addition to education would allow society to be more independent and well-rounded. Another adjustment that I would enforce would be to make education personal and selective after age 14. This means that up until age 14, or the ninth g...

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...lest capacity of prosperity, contentment, and vivacity and always have the freedom to live how they wish. In my mind, this is accomplished by free and personalized education so that citizens have the resources to make good life choices for themselves and to further improve their society. However, in order for them to make these choices to pursue educational routes, they must be conscientious enough to make them on their own. This is why I would want intelligent, responsible, and benevolent people in my utopia- so that they can keep it well maintained themselves and raise children that will do the same. Both the unlimited education and the dynamic of the people are vital to the effectiveness of a dominantly democratic government. When all three of these aspects come together, my utopia is not just a world of survival in a harsh world, but a place to thrive and prosper.

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