A University Security Policy And Why It Is Necessary Essay

A University Security Policy And Why It Is Necessary Essay

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University 's have many different types of information systems that are accessible throughout their campus network. This tends to make the information on these systems susceptible to security breaches. This could cause the university potential losses because some confidential information is at risk. At any University, the security of the physical network is critical. A comprehensive security plan is needed to help identify the key concerns and other issues that the University needs to mitigate to help reduce the risk of exposing confidential and private information to any would be attacker.
The purpose of a University Security Policy and why it is necessary
The main purpose of a University’s security policy is for it provide a basis for which it can manage the security of the information that resides on the campus network. The security policy covers all persons (including the staff, all the students, the visitors and contractors) who have access to the University’s information systems. The security policy is necessary because it lays out who obligated to protect confidential information, certain kinds of employment related records, medical and student records, along with any other type of information that could be deemed confidential is related to any applicable law. Since the University’s network provides a connection to confidential information and records, it needs to be secure and access controlled.
My opinion if a university policy is just as important as a business security policy
No matter if an organization is a business or a higher learning establishment (a University) they will always have information that attackers want. In my opinion, I feel that a University’s security policy is just as important if ...

... middle of paper ...

...rty users know to whom and how to report suspected and actual security breaches. They need some kind of documented procedure as well as the individuals they need to contact to help mitigation of any type of actual or suspected breach. The University will need this type of procedure so that breaches can be reported or disclosed as it is required by law. (Scott, 2010)
The suggestion I have for Harvard University’s security policy would be to add a section on the purpose of their policy. They covered so much material in their policy that it lacks the who. The policy needs to contain more than just a link to a statement about the policy. The addition of a purpose section will help users of the system to understand the why of the policy instead of just the what of the policy. The purpose will help the policy establish awareness of why the policy is needed. (Chapple, 2009)

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