Essay on A True Education Should Be An Unforgettable Experience

Essay on A True Education Should Be An Unforgettable Experience

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A true education should be an unforgettable experience, which makes an indelible impression on a student 's soul. This impression should be a learning foundation that he can work from continuously. So that he might proceed to bring to light the truth and beauty of God 's creation. It is important for a person to be in a strong spiritual state for life experiences to be fruitful and to be beneficial to his souls. Consequently, it is important for students, when being educated in school to obtain a strong spiritual understanding. So that they may perceive and discover the world as God created it to be viewed. In a truly Catholic school, the strengthening of the soul of the student must be the primary goal in order for the school to grant their students a true Catholic education. Naturally, the school must strengthen the students’ souls by helping them practice virtue in their daily lives, the most important virtues, the theological virtues; faith, hope and charity.
While a true education develops a person 's mind to discover truth, a true Catholic education also has the responsibility to develop one 's soul to discover their faith. Faith is a strong belief based on spiritual apprehension while reason is the justification for a certain belief. The Catholic Church teaches that faith and reason together bring Catholics to the fundamental truths about God and man and are not separate. In school, teachers train students to ask questions so they may be able to use resourceful reason and logic to discover truths. Eventually a student will be in the habit of questioning everything, and yet, not everything can be answered with reason alone but also through spiritual belief, that is faith. Students, consequently, must be thoroughly educated...

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... be more than an educational system, but a community, a family, that serves their society to make a unified Catholic entity for the poor and needy.
A School with true Catholic goals is a true catholic school. The goals must not only be to provide a Catholic education where they are educated in the Catholic church 's doctrine and teachings, but to create an environment by which young Catholic students grow in virtue and show others in their example what it means to be Catholic. The school should endeavor for a strong Catholic identity of each student so that as a unit the school itself benefits not only the students, but of all that the those students meet. As Christ taught his disciples so that they might evangelize the world, Catholic schools must teach their student how to become saints and live within their Church and community as a living example of God 's word.

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