Essay about A Travel Of The Park

Essay about A Travel Of The Park

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A travel of over 3000 miles for some, a 210 mile drive for me, just to arrive at the biggest gathering of over 1,500 twelve year olds; all just to play baseball. The only place that would be suitable for such an event is Cooperstown Dream Parks, every baseball players heaven. Cars have come to Cooperstown from everywhere for this week long tournament. I met children my age from all over the United states. I became friends with kids from Ohio, Illinois, California, I even met a player from Puerto Rico who barely spoke any english. The windows of everyone 's car decorated with the names and numbers of teams and players. Excited baseball teams spill from their Barracks and hustle toward the already crowded seating area. Festive music played over the field 's loudspeakers and the introduction ceremony into Cooperstown Dream Parks was under way. The first hour we had to sit through long boring speeches about the rules and expectations of the park. Than we marched through the complex until we reached the most famous park in the whole complex. Double-Day field, one of the nine fields that make up cooperstown dream parks. It only hosts one game on it per tournament, the championship game. As I walked in along side my team I get a strong gust of the fresh cut grass, I feel the energy in the stands, and I can clearly hear the cheers from every individual player in the crowd. Everyone eventually settled in and before we knew it skydivers bearing flags parachute into the stadium. Photographers ran cross the field as fighter planes shot across the sky. It was our first look at what being a professional athlete would be like. The complex had a set dress code and expected much more from us than we have ever been expected to do. The parents weren...

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...e made me thrive and before I knew it our team was marching onto the field for the national anthem. During the singing of the national anthem I peeked into the crowd and first row down the first base side was the little boy I met on the cart and his dad sitting right next to him. This game was for that little boy, I needed to impress him. I pitched six strong innings and my team ended up winning the game. It was the most exciting game of my career and the best part was being greeted with the best pin in the tournament after such a spectacular win. The little boy ran out into the middle of the field where we shook our opponents hands and in front of everyone in the stadium handed me the only thing I cared about besides winning. I was in the best mood for the rest of the day and I rewarded myself with a nice long sleep. I could only image what the next day had to bring.

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