A Traumatic Experience From The New York Times Essay

A Traumatic Experience From The New York Times Essay

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A Traumatic Experience
If you were in a life or death situation, what would you do? This is what A Life-or Death Situation from the New York Times is primarily about. This article is about a person who goes through one such situation. The author 's purpose for writing this is to present what could happen in a life or death situation and the use of assisted suicide if need be. Some main points may include how the wife in the story defends the reasoning’s in a few court cases, how she personally deals with her situation, and how she helps other people seeking the same problem. The article starts off, before the accident and how it happened.
In the beginning, it talks about how the accident first occurred and how dramatic it is. Brooke, the husband, had a terrible bike accident along the mountains and if a nurse had not been nearby, he could have died being that he stopped breathing. It also sheds a little detail about how if the wife had been there she would have chosen not to revive him so he would not be in so much pain and hooked up to many machines, “[i]f Peggy had been there and known the extent of Brooke’s injury she might have urged the rescuers not to revive him… he wanted no procedures done that ‘would serve only to unnaturally prolong the moment of my death.’” (53), unfortunately that was not the case. Next, the story goes on to tell how life is after the accident and how they are coping with it. The author points out how later on the wife in the article is a professor who researches and teaches about life or death situations, as well as going through one herself. “Suffering, suicide, euthanasia… these were subjects she had thought and written about for years, and now … they became unbearably personal” (54.) The wife i...

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...connected from all the tubes and hoses that were keeping him alive. He was ready to die… [t]he reason he didn’t die he’s not … fully vent-dependent anymore” (69-70.)
At the end of the story after his second attempt of giving up on his life had not succeeded, the husband was quite relieved and started looking forward to the next year knowing that his wife is by his side to be there when his death actually does come. The author once again demonstrates the use of assisted suicide can aid a person who possesses a fixed determination to give up their life if they please. From what the couple had to go through it elaborates on how this kind of experience does indeed have good and bad times but manageable. In conclusion, the argument the author shows implicitly is the use of assisted suicide can be beneficial to the needs of people through one’s own personal experience.

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