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A traditional family consists of one father, one mother, two children, on male, one female, one pet, and one house with a whit pipit fence. The dad went to work the mother stayed at home and took care of the children and did house work. Sounds simple, but the reason it sounds so simple is because people were very judgmental and if people were anything else they would be punished or frowned upon. That’s how society was back in the day. A lot of things changed since then. People are more open minded more acceptable of other people. The meaning of family also changed. One doesn’t have to be blood related to be a family. One can choose to call someone there brother or sister. Sometimes the person you call your brother is closer to you then your own blood related brother. One does not to be married to someone to be a family or a dad or a mom. In this essay I will talk about how this families are different than traditional ones, what challenges they may face legally, what struggles they go through, how the children may feel growing up, and my opinion.
This article can be easily connected to sociology of the family. The gay guys who give sperm to these lesbian couples so that they can make a child is an amazing thing. It’s not just some kind of transaction. The lesbian couple most of the time wants the donor to be part of the child’s life. And most of the time the donor wants to be. This might not be normal but it’s considered a family. The interesting part is that some of the things we learned in sociology doesn’t apply here. This family has to lesbian mothers and one gay father. To anyone outside the family this may sound weird but I bet it all makes sense to them and the child that will grow up.
It’s hard to breakdowns different types...

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...her and dealt with it as a team. All hands were called on deck, and everyone responded in kind. After the initial trauma, when the emergency decisions and preparations had been made and action was under way, David wanted to return to his part-time role. As he admitted later, this caused “some resentment.” The mothers, or at least Vicki, expected that David would continue to be more involved. This is an example of this kind of family the donor can do whatever he want especially in this case because they didn’t do any kind of paper work.
I think when the kids are young they might not understand but as they grow older they will. Like I said before in times like this there is no such thing as a traditional family. There are so many different kinds of families that there is no model family. One can have different skin color or different blood but you still can be family.

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