Essay on A Theory Of Urban Environment

Essay on A Theory Of Urban Environment

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During the 1920s, sociologists Robert E. Park and Ernest Watson Burgress developed a theory that proposed that cities are similar to environments found in nature, regulated by fundamental assumptions similar to those that govern the natural world. Specifically, this theory holds the notion that the overall structure of cities is based on the struggle for limited land use. Over time, urban ecology has evolved to include a wider spectrum where it now generally refers to a subsection of ecology that studies the interactions among human beings, plants, and animals within an urban and metropolitan area, as well as the effects that urbanization have on natural ecosystems and biodiversity within the areas.
Urban ecosystems are often described as a set of strongly interacting systems which include abiotic spheres (the atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, and pedosphere) and biotic spheres (urban plants, animals, and the anthroposphere) (citation needed). Through this model, the diverse components that are part of urban ecosystems are portrayed allowing researchers of various fields to understand the implications of various socioeconomic and ecological actions at both a micro and macro level. Recently, a new approach to urban ecology has been put forth separating between “ecology in the city” with “ecology of the city”. This new school of thought developed by Grimm et al. (2000), states that the “ecology in the city” focuses on the urban processes related specifically to the human species. Generally, considered the traditional approach to urban ecology where animal and plant distribution in regards to localized areas take place. Separately, “ecology of the city” focuses on the economic behaviors in regards to the government, as well as l...

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...eal with a few aspects of the urban ecology without considering the urban ecosystem as a whole.
Urban planning and urban ecology rarely collaborate in China, which has ultimately led to many cities to lack design practicality. Generally speaking, within the past three decades, China has had numerous ecologically flawed cities and towns as a result of poor planning due to an improper partnership involving ecology. Instead, China should research and embrace sustainability in order to properly deal with the rise of urbanization. Currently, China is in a unique position where it still has a great opportunity to embrace urban design and sustainability to counter the numerous environmental problems affecting the country. With better ecologists, engineers, and practitioners to work synergistically the biodiversity and natural environments may still be able to survive.

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