A Theory Of Quality Health Care And A Process For Evaluating It Essay

A Theory Of Quality Health Care And A Process For Evaluating It Essay

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The theorist Avedis Donabedian proposed a theory of quality health care and a process for evaluating it. Although, Donabedian’s theory still dominates outcomes research, other theories of outcomes have since been developed (Grove, Gray & Burns 2015). Donabedian represented the key concepts and relationships in his theory using a cube, with the elements explaining the quality of health care. The three dimensions of the cube health, care received, and the care providers. The cube also incorporates the three aspects of health—physical-psychological function, psychological function, and social function. Loegering, Reiter, and Gambone (1994) modified Donabedian’s levels to include the patient, patient’s family, and community of providers as recipients of care. They suggest that access to care is one dimension of the provision of care by the community. They further defined the three objects of evaluation to include: Care received by the community, (Amenities, being television, telephones, cleanliness etc. of the facility Stiles & Mick, 1994), Care by practitioners and Care implemented by the patient.
The evaluation of the objects in the work place and the impact of regulatory requirements.

Donabedian (1987, 2005) identified three foci of evaluation in appraising quality (1) structure or facilities that provide care, (2) process or how care is provided, such as a practice style or standard of care, and (3) outcomes or the end results of care.
Our text book list numerous additional studies that have built upon Donabedian theories, in consideration for our learning our text book of course, focuses on nursing care evaluation. The Nursing Role Effectiveness Model is based on Donabedian’s (1987) quality framework and has three major comp...

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...us, NQF 2362: Glycemic Control – Hyperglycemia, NQF 2363: Glycemic Control – Severe Hypoglycemia, NQF 2467: Adherence to ACEIs/ARBs for Individuals with Diabetes Mellitus, NQF 2468: Adherence to Oral Diabetes Agents for Individuals with Diabetes Mellitus. My clinic is a single physician practice, myself and one part time physician assistant. The other staff members consist of a medical assistant, receptionist and part time records clerk. The impact of these regulatory requirements, have their benefits and pitfalls, they have placed a cost burden on small practices in the purchase of EMR. However, the ability to record meeting of the measurements provides a small stipend each year. I feel the tracking measurements have improved the quality of care and the use of EMR continues to improve in the areas of data measurement tracking and more importantly user friendliness.

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