Essay about A Thematic Concern Of The Metamorphosis

Essay about A Thematic Concern Of The Metamorphosis

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Choose a thematic concern of The Metamorphosis some possibilities are work, romantic love, and the family. Develop a thesis about what it has to say on your chosen themes. Now choose three key moments from the story to back up your argument. Be sure to quote as needed from the text. (Refer to Short Story Writing about Literature section in the Short Story Essay Instructions.)

In Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis, the entire story is set in the Samsa family apartment. The main characters are Mr. and Mrs. Samsa, Grete Samsa, and Gregor Samsa. Gregor Samsa woke up one morning to learn that he has somehow turned into a gigantic bug. Gregor also happens to be the main provider for the family, which gives him motivation to still try to get up and go to work. Gregor was such a passionate character-to him, family was the most important thing- versus the rest of the family who began to reject Gregor because he was so hard to take care of. In essence, this story demonstrates how when something dramatic happens to one family member, it can change the lives of anyone close to them.

Our first example of this is the development of Gregor’s sister-Grete. We see the blossoming of this development early in the story and it all comes to a head when she decides to “get rid off” Gregor. In the beginning of our story Grete was simply a crying sixteen year old girl. Her mother didn’t think that she was useful, only her brother truly believed in her. Gregor had a very close bond with her. After Gregor’s transformation, Grete was very close to him-in the beginning. She attempted to make the most out of his situation, she was the first to be kind to Gregor. She attempted to bring him some milk-his favorite food when he was a human. When he didn’t drink...

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.... Samsa was the only one of the family to not seem excited and relieved to hear of Gregor’s death. Mr. Samsa thanked God. Grete simply took note of how thin he was, she seemed unphased by his death. She had given up on him. Mrs. Samsa gave a sad smile and ushered Grete into Mr. and Mrs. Samsa’s room.

The goal of storytelling is for the reader to learn something. It is evident that Kafka wanted the reader to learn about how big changes deeply affect a family. Gregor, who previous to his transformation took care of his family, only wanted to continue to help his family, but he couldn’t. It mirrors how some people go through huge physical or mental changes and the want to continue to help their families and attempt to forget their conditions in order to help others. But they simply can’t, which shuffles that person 's old responsibilities onto the shoulders of others.

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