A 20th Century Poetry Analysis Essay

A 20th Century Poetry Analysis Essay

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“A 20th Century Poetry Analysis tied to a Shakespearian Comparison”
Edna St. Vincent Millay’s [“I shall forget you presently, my dear”] is an example of masterly composed literature that preserves itself a place in time’s vault of literature classics. The poem immediately creates a sense that the speaker is conversing with a love interest. The audience is quickly provided with a tone of warning. The speaker warns their love interest that they should, “make the most of this” (line 2) as love is an idea that will not last. Love is limited when it comes to time, “your little day, / Your little month, your little half a year” (2,3) it will all eventually come to an end due to both inside and outside factors. This becomes the centric idea that the rest of the sonnet revolves around; time and love. As the sonnet precedes the speaker does not stray away from the belief that love will be unable to survive through time, despite this, the speaker comes to terms and accepts this idea. The sonnet’s narrator understands that love is incapable of lasting, yet, is still willing to play along with the passionate elements that love provides, “If you entreat me with your loveliest lie / I will protest you with my favourite vow” (7,8). The speaker moves forward uncovering the truth, they do wish loves consequences were not as devastating as they have proven, however, revealing that this is human nature. People can look for answers about why love is impossible to keep, though they will be looking forever due to the speaker concluding it is “idle, biologically speaking.” (14).
Millay’s use of formal literary adaptions take this written work to a highly respected level, that of which is heavily studied today. The sonnet displays the Shakespearian r...

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.... This proves that Millay was writing more to the point, contrastingly, Shakespeare was writing to produce stylistic elements, allowing his piece live on preserving his love’s beauty. Additionally, a difference that also arises is the speed of the sonnets. “Sonnet 65” increasingly gains speed as the speaker begins to rapidly fire questions, however conversely Millay’s piece carries the same speed throughout. Lastly each of the sonnets have opposite purposes. Millay’s sonnet argues that love can not withstand time. Alternatively, in the Shakespeare’s piece, the poem’s narrator believes that through the writing the inspiration’s beauty will live on forever. These poets took things from opposite angles, producing poetry with contradicting opinions. Although these writings have both similarities and differences, they are each valued and respected in the literary world.

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