A Technology Engineer At Rapiscan System Company Essay

A Technology Engineer At Rapiscan System Company Essay

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My partner and I decided to interview Dien To who is a Technology Engineer at Rapiscan System Company in Hawthorne, California. This company is a security screening provider for many airports in the US and many countries around the worlds such as UK, Mexico, Singapore, ect. He has worked for Rapiscan for 22 years and became a manager engineer 12 years ago. We are very satisfied with Mr. To’s answers which help us have some clearer thoughts about ethical consideration and the process of making decisions.
We started our conversation with ethics and integrity in engineers. Mr. To shook his head little and had light smile on his face when we asked him if he thinks most employees are ethical. He said all employees must be ethical but not all of them really understand meaning of“ethical.” There are some engineers who sometimes violate ethical breaches. He mentioned that each year there are some engineers in his company who are inquired because of trading design secrets to another company. These people put their self-interest in priority to get more money from competitors. Mr. To emphasized that those actions of corruption are not only immoral but also violate the law. An engineer has to pay back if his story is revealed, even losing the job or engineering license forever. He has never taken any ethics course in his life, but he thinks that a person’s ethical standard depends on how they acknowledge the border line between “moral” and “immoral.” The more knowledge you really retain, the more you understand the consequences of your action which are related to ethical problems. He recommends to all young engineers like us that before acting, we should think about where our integrities are standing such that we have no chance to act against...

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...n regards to making ethical decisions in the professional setting. Mr. To’s business is closely tied to national and international security. He is held to some of the highest standards in terms of ethical responsibility, so we are lucky to have been able to ask him for an interview. We learned that Deontology, or the “Golden Rule” is a simple and effective way to keep the public interest in mind when creating a product. We also learned that engineers often do not act unethically on purpose; they simply cannot tell where the line is between ethical and unethical behavior. They are always pushing the boundaries because that is what it takes to be a successful and competitive engineer; however, it is important to have a good education and understanding of where that line between the two are so that you will hopefully never cross it and have to pay the consequences.

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