A Team Of Management With Three Males And Only One Female Essay

A Team Of Management With Three Males And Only One Female Essay

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A team of management with three males and only one female is interesting. Getting picked on because I’m the only female manger in the store, because I’m the youngest of them all but yet my male team mates help and support me unconditionally. I could call say that they are my brothers, they might play jokes on me but they are the ones to support my decisions I make in my workplace especially if I’m correct. There has been a situation at work that I’ve faced gender discrimination which made me realize that there are still human beings out in the world who don’t seem to care about a person’s feelings and knowing that there still judge based on if you’re a female or a male but also made me realize that I have the right to stand up for myself and every female out there.
Manger on duty on a busy Friday afternoon, many customers inside the store looking for a running shoes and there are some looking for a shoe to wear just casually but there are some customers shopping for the children because it is back to school time. Walking around the store making sure that every customer gets greeted with a “hello, how are you doing today?” and also making sure that they are being helped or so I could help them myself. As I was walking and walking the sales floor I’ve noticed that the customers in line didn’t seem to happy and the line was talking a little longer than usual so I went to go check if everything was going smoothly. Then realized that a customer was giving my sales associate about some shoes that he was trying to return and get a full refund on. I decided to jump in and ask “if there was anything that I could help him with?” The customer gives me a dead look in my eye and starts to become more agitate.
I tried calming the customer d...

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...ou all the information you need and I will not give you a refund for shoes that have been worn it will only be an even exchange or you could walk out with the worn shoes as well.” The customer with anger looks at me and then looks at my store manager and then agrees with him for an even exchange.
There are people who well support and defend you when other people are wrong. There are situations that you could only do so much and have people who know you be in the same page as you no matter who you are. I’ve learned not to let people bring me down, learned that I am capable of doing big things, learned to be brave and confident. There are people out in the world who wants to hurt you and who does not believe in you because of your gender. I just had to stand up for myself, and everyone in this world should be able to do the same no matter if you’re a male or female.

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