A Teachers' Rights and Responsibilities Essay

A Teachers' Rights and Responsibilities Essay

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Children and youth are critical steps in the formation of a human being. Parents and teachers are the pillars of the educational process in this age group and therefore their work is critical to the wellbeing of society. Regardless of the type of school, all teachers are required to teach and promote fundamental human rights, such as to practice them in their daily work. The Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Child and Human Rights require preservation in all fields, with particular emphasis on the school that is the natural space to learn, both in theory and in practice. Teaching is a profession where consistency is required between the workplace and the private. The teacher is an example of a well behavior and student’s sees them as role models of dignity or authority. Therefore, the teacher must maintain consistency between what is taught and what is practiced in their lives.
The teacher must exercise its authority to generate parameters of education that make possible the full development of children and young people within a framework of respect. But it must also be clear about the limits on its own power, which should not be applied as autocratic, but, on the contrary, in order to develop the autonomy of children and their ability to decide responsibly. Legally and morally, the teacher is obligated to build and promote a respectful learning community of mutual rights. Particularly, must be attentive to avoid any discrimination on grounds of sex, race, religion or ideology of students and among other peers. When a professional obtains a teaching job, also obtains rights and responsibilities that had to be done in order to perform a better job and evade any types of litigations disputes. Some of these rights and re...

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