Essay about A Teacher 's Perspective On Development And Learning Theories

Essay about A Teacher 's Perspective On Development And Learning Theories

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Teachers have a lot of ways that students can learn in the classroom setting. In order to see how learning takes place, a teacher needs to know about the different type of learners and about children developing their own metacognition. For the purpose of this interview the teacher I interviewed is named “Mrs. Jones”. The teachers name is not really Mrs. Jones but I have changed her name to respect her privacy. Mrs. Jones is a kindergarten teacher. She works as a teacher at a school called Pleviak in Lake Villa Illinois. I asked her some interview questions to find out a teacher 's perspective on development and learning theories/concepts in educational psychology.
Mrs. Jones touched on a lot of good points that matched the information in my text book. In the book Educational Psychology, by Anita Woolfolk, Woolfolk talks about the different types of learners. Upon my interview with a Mrs. Jones she talked about visual learners, audio learners, and kinesthetic learners. Mrs. Jones added that “. For instructing visual learners, I would say like for math for example, you would use a manipulative so that the students can physically move the objects the math and reading programs. We have are both interactive and they use a smart board a lot so they have videos and activities we can put on the smart board(Mrs. Jones, personal communication, April 22,2015).” Woolfolk talks about how hard it is for college students to pick between auditory, visual and kinesthetic learners and how it might be even harder for younger children to find their learning type (Woolfolk 2013). Mrs. Jones uses a circle carpet by her smart board that has different colored spots on it so that the children would be able to sit on a specific spot and have their own ...

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...’t think of a solution for everything; sometimes there is a solution out there that has already been made.
I had a really hard time finding information to answer the question I think that in the future I might ask follow up questions if the teacher is not answering the question in the right way. I was lucky that she did hit on some of the points that were discussed in the book.
I think some people might be able to pull more information out of the transcript and others may not be able to pull as much information out of it. When interviewing the teacher I met her outside of the classroom so I was not able to see how she ran the classroom. I believe that I could have gotten more information if I had been in the classroom. I have learned that a lot of the learning styles get used in the classroom to try to make the children learn to the best of their abilities.

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