A Teacher 's Name And Grade Level Observed Essay

A Teacher 's Name And Grade Level Observed Essay

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A. Teacher’s name and grade level observed: Anita Chavez, 2nd grade
B. Length of class period: 9:45AM-10:40AM
C. Brief overview of the school and unique programs to the building:
Bryn Mawr is a community based school that is located in the Bryn Mawr Neighborhood. The school caters to a diverse group of Hi-5 through 5th grade students. The school website states,” Our playground has a variety of large motor equipment for balancing, climbing, sliding, and swinging activities and large play and field areas for soccer and touch football, as well as hard surfaces for basketball, hop scotch, jump ropes and ball play”. The school has specialists who teach Art, Vocal/Instrumental Music, Media/Technology, and Physical Education. Some of the programs the school offers include, but are not limited to Hi-5, All-day Kindergarten, English as a Second Language (ESL), and on-site after-school child care through Minneapolis Kids, etc. The school also offers unique programs such as STARBASE Minnesota, a S.T.E.M., five-day program at the Minnesota Air Guard which provides all 4th and 5th graders opportunity to see themselves as future as scientists and engineers. The program is funded by many corporate sponsors. Another one of their programs is Public Achievement student-led leadership program which include: Food Drive for Emergency Food Shelf, Locker Safety Team, Spirit Week Team, Unity Team. The school also has an EBD program for students with special needs. The school’s mission is to build on strong community environment and to encourage students to be active members of society.
D. Description of the students’ population (ethnic background an special population):
The school’s student population is diverse; however, in this particular second grade...

... middle of paper ...

...elopment and feedback based on appropriate skill analysis.
9. Suggest 2 ways that the techniques and strategies could be used in your classroom
In my future classroom, I would use the effective management technique of setting high expectations for my students. High expectations lessen misbehavior and encourage students to take ownership of their learning. Another way I can use high expectation is rewarding students who display exceptional behaviors, so that the rest can follow their footsteps.
10. What insights did you acquire about teaching physical education?
The insights that I acquired about teaching physical education from observing this class is the importance of routines. Routines keep the lesson going, allowing students to engage in the lesson and enjoy the games. Routines help teachers have a better grasp on classroom management and students’ behavior.

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