Essay on A Teacher 's Most Important Duty

Essay on A Teacher 's Most Important Duty

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A teacher’s most important duty is to protect the students they are in charge of. This duty includes both reasonably protecting students from harm and, when a student is harmed, reporting it to the proper authorities (Gooden, Eckes, Mead, McNeal, & Torres, 2013, pp. 103-109). There have been many court cases that reiterate this duty of school staff. One such case is Frugis v. Bracigliano (2003) where many staff at a school failed in their duty to protect students and allowed abuse to continue for years.
Frugis v. Bracigliano (2003) was an appeal of suit brought by two sets of parents on behalf of their children after it was discovered that Samuel Bracigliano, the children 's’ former principal at Gilbert Avenue Elementary School in Elmwood Park, NJ, took inappropriate photographs of many male students, including the plaintiffs. (Frugis v. Bracigliano, 2003). The judges in this case needed to determine of Elmwood Park Board of Education was at all responsible for this act due to lack of supervision of Bracigliano (Frugis v. Bracigliano, 2003). The facts of the case explain that Bracigliano obstructed views into his office as soon as he became the principal in 1982, which was against a New Jersey law that required every room used by school staff to have a view into it (Frugis v. Bracigliano, 2003). During his tenure as principal a state inspector ordered that the covering be removed, which it was, but only temporarily (Frugis v. Bracigliano, 2003). The School Board was aware that the covering was ordered to be removed by the state inspector, but they never verified that it had in fact been removed (Frugis v. Bracigliano, 2003). Staff members were also aware that students frequently visited Bracigliano’s office, the door was...

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...t it to somebody. That report may be to the another school administrator, a school board member, or the local police depending on the situation. The school employee also must not wait and make the report immediately.

Final Project - Give your instructor a tentative topic for your Final Project and the chapter from which it comes. Share out topics for your final project and “why” the topic is important to you and your career path.
I would like the topic of my final paper to be Maine’s new evaluation law that was piloted during the 2015-2016 school year. I have chosen this because the new evaluation system in my district didn’t go well last year. Administrators at all schools said they didn’t have enough time to properly implement it. I’d like to look at the law around evaluations and the new Maine law to see just what the process must be to satisfy all laws.

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