A Teacher 's Influence On The Classroom

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"A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his Influence stops." Henry Adams. It 's not always a teacher who may Influence you, but those who get Influenced tend to succeed not just in the books but in life as well. Passing school isn 't only about the straight A 's; It is about applying what you’ve learned and picking up even more lessons than the classroom can teach. My Pastor Positively Influenced my education with his relentless pushing to see me succeed inside the classroom. His beliefs and teachings about the Gospel in a Christian based curriculum, and his coaching skills on the Baseball field giving me life lessons outside the classroom. First and Foremost as a young child I was pushed and encouraged to do well in school. In a Christian school the expectations are even higher than Public schools, but I was driven from day one to exceed those higher expectations. I remember having Spelling and Math assignments, often Pastor would catch me before the bus left school and tell me to double the homework assignment. If my homework was to write my spelling words three times each; I was writing them six times each. If the math homework was to complete problems 1-30 I was doing extra problems in the back of the math book. Often Pastor would come into my classes and sit in the desk behind me, he has his note pad and pen taking notes of my behavior, Obedience, and Simply if I was paying attention or not. Other times he would call home, conversing with my parents about the day and my classroom review. Pastor created a work ethic in me that will never leave. I never look to small or to big on a assignment. I take things slow and complete the in a timely manner with the highest quality possible. By the same token, being i... ... middle of paper ... ...teachings and his Leadership qualities to my daily life. Pastor taught me a lesson no classroom curriculum could ever teach. My Pastor has positively influenced my life through his relentless pushing to see me succeed in all areas of my Education. Besides his Godly teachings and classroom presence, Pastor taught me a lot more than the classroom ever could have. His moldings on how to be a responsible man will never leave me, and his moldings have positively influenced my life and education in so many ways. Without Pastor I would 've been any average student just skimming by. It was also me pushing myself to succeed and understand the material thrown at me. I never gave up no matter how hard the assignment. No matter how much work was thrown at me I kept it simple and did what I was taught and just completed it. Who or What can help influence your own Education?
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