A Teacher Must Be Culturally Responsive Essay

A Teacher Must Be Culturally Responsive Essay

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To be a good educator a teacher must be culturally responsive. There will never be a classroom that does not contain some sort of diversity. Every student comes from a different economic and environmental background that shapes how they see the world and learn from it. Teachers need to be responsive to the ever changing groups of students that will walk through their door. Understanding Cogenerative dialogues, coteaching, cosmopolitanism, context, and content will assist all teachers to touch on the specific proficiencies that support a multicultural classroom.
Cogenerative dialogues are structured dialogues that build on a student’s identity and familiarity. If a teacher is building upon a student’s identity and familiarity that teacher needs to first know what and who the students identifies with and is familiar with. Once the teacher has a basic knowledge of those components, the teacher and the student can begin to work through basic educational knowledge such as history. If a student in a classroom identifies with another culture and is familiar with Jazz music the teacher should use that knowledge to build upon the history of Jazz and that student’s culture. To be a culturally responsive educator in the sense of Cogenerative dialogues, the teacher would be using what the student knows to build upon that knowledge based on the subject at hand. This allows the culture of the student to be taught to the entire class and provides the student with a subject that they find familiar.
Coteaching encourages students to be the expert and allows teachers to study how students learn from one another in order to better understand different learning styles. To coteach the educator would sit back and let the students lead the classroo...

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... his or her students that they may not know everything. This opens the classroom to discussion and allows students to be more active in asking questions and developing their learning.
Without the use of the five perspectives a teacher and school system would not be culturally responsive. Every educator should follow the five perspectives to create a learning environment that allows all pupils to shine. If a school district is able to utilize these perspectives in every classroom then all students would feel welcome in that school. There will never be a classroom that does not have differing cultures, languages, religions, sexual identities, sexual orientations, socioeconomic backgrounds, and race. A teacher needs to be active in understanding the differences of their students to foster learning to the entire classroom and to become a culturally responsive teacher.

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