A Teacher Is Not A Critical Educator Essay

A Teacher Is Not A Critical Educator Essay

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:My college experience has been very eye opening and realizing that as a future educator I might be limited to what I can do and teach my students. A critical educator is someone that teachers critically to what they believe is best for them and for their students that not because someone teachers a certain way they also have to teach on the form. Understand that every person is different and that everyone learns at different rates and ways. A critical educator is the educator that creates critical thinkers that do not just  to class because they are required but because they want to learn. An educator that teaches in different ways so students can feel they belong and have interest for the class.
If teacher do not think critically to who they are teaching and how they can make if fair and equal for everyone to learn in an welcoming environment then the teacher is not a critical educator. For example everyone has different life experiences and backgrounds and by generalizing students teachers are making them all equal but at the same time taking their identity from them, “we cannot see what is “out there” merely by looking around. Everything depends on the lenses through which we view the world. By putting on new lenses, we can see things that would otherwise remain invisible.”   If teachers only see children and not their backgrounds and talents then they are not doing their job right because they have to try to include everyone.
Many teachers say how they have limited choices to what they can teach and how because of the structure of school but if you are a critical thinker and educator you might be able to create a different environment in your class. Pegler gave a great example of how teachers can change a little the class t...

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...nd this is what kills your spirit or makes you wish you were dead” because in the book “The Game of School” Frost give the audience the message of how we play the game but teachers give the tools to the students to play the game and by giving the disadvantage the tools to play the way in a manner of the privilege should be more fair and equal.
As a future teacher after taking some EDST classes I know my journey won 't be easy but I know that as Latina I can be a role model for many young Latina that are underprivileged. If teacher think critically about the school system they should be able to teach critically to what they have in front of them. The diversity of their classroom should be the strength of the teacher by welcoming different backgrounds to their classroom but also the learning the teacher will gain by  the knowledge the students bring to the classroom.

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