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A Teacher Centered Teaching Style Essay example

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Movement Education is a constructivist teaching style that is very effective to the development of the 3 learning domains. Constructivist teaching is a student centered teaching style. In this style the students are encouraged to be more creative and have more opportunities to do activities that they enjoy. This gets the students to use the cognitive learning domain in order to come up with creative ideas for different activities.

The goal of the Teacher in a student centered teaching style is to guide the students to answers through questions and suggestions. To begin a lesson the teacher would immediately try to get the group of kids moving and to stay moving as much as possible during class. The teacher could say, “everyone spread out around the room hoping on 1 foot”, after he can vary the types of movements and ask the students which method they think is the best. Also the teacher could start with a usual routine to get the students moving as soon as possible. The main goal of this style is to have everyone move, and stay moving as much as possible.

There are a few different teaching styles in PE that emphasize the use of Movement Education. One of those styles I find to be most related to movement education is the Guided Discovery style. In this style you guide the students towards answers and lessons they should be learning. You do this through the use of leading questions, this way you get the students to answer you without just giving them the answer.

It is very important in movement education that the students are very active. Therefore the teacher should have everything planned out and have instructions be explained quickly and precisely. Also keep the amount of instructions to a minimum so they are easy to re...

... middle of paper ...

...vement capabilities are. As the teacher progresses through the lesson the movements should become increasingly more challenging and in depth.

Movement education is a great overall teaching style to develop the three domains we stress as physical education teachers. It helps the students to become more active more often which is one of my main goals as a teacher. This involves the psychomotor domain, which is most prevalent in my philosophy. Students will need to cognitively grasp the different movement activities being practiced. Also they will have to work together with their other classmates to complete goals. This will create friendships and develop good teamwork to influence the affective domain. My ultimate goal is to try to get as many kids as I can to stay active throughout their lives. In doing so the obesity levels in this country would be sure to drop.

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