A Teacher And Becoming A Coach Essay

A Teacher And Becoming A Coach Essay

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What do people have to do to become a teacher , coach or both? Let me take you back in time. Back then the learned men of ancient times, by default became the teachers. Priests and prophets taught children of the wealthy and noble, the skills to take up their roles as leaders and businessmen. So in other words, people who had knowledge they passed it down. After that knowledge being passed down those people would tell someone else and so on. Back then people with power like priests and king , told people things and people trusted them and of course they listened to them.

So then my curiosity runs from the journey of the initiation of becoming a teacher and becoming a coach. Is it easy to become a teacher and a coach? What do they have to do to be qualified? What are the qualifications? Does matter if you want to teach at other levels of school? Does the pay change? Do teachers get paid more to coach? Throughout this paper I 'll be describing the process of becoming a teacher , coach or both.

For my senior project I will be apart of a soccer game and know practice skills to teach. I am the manager for the soccer team at Cedar Creek High School. I will either referee a school scrimmage or work with the athletes. By working with the athletes I will organize a practice teaching the boys fundamentals or running actual drills. Becoming a teacher and a coach will be the best thing in my life. I want to teach kids and help them as well. I will like to pass knowledge that i know to them. help them when they need it and be a role model to them. But before i become a coach I’d have to be a teacher first. My degree will be in History. I love history and would like to teach it. History has been my favorite topic since middle school, it i...

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...est so they can teacher at a high school level.

Do coaching qualifications verify for levels of school? Everything depends on what you will like to coach. Either small young kids or teenagers. A major thing as well is your degree. IF your degree is high school level then you will be a high school coach. If you just want to be an athletic coordinator that has a different process. A athletic coordinator in high school is more advanced that one in middle school.
My research paper is the before and during life of being a teacher , coach or both. I explained the qualifications that people have to do to become teachers. In this paper you will find basically everything there is to become a coach or a teacher. From this whole paper what really matters it all depends on your degree and skills. It all depends what you have and it’ll tell you where people end up.

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