Essay on A Tale of Two Cities Book Report

Essay on A Tale of Two Cities Book Report

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Sacrifice, even when it comes to one’s ultimate end, is crucial in order to survive as a productive race. In the book Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, he illustrates the hardships of the early-nineteenth-century lifestyles. With the resurrection of an evicted man, the novel sprouts from a broken family recovering and growing. This novel incorporates many grand gestures and adventures, such as the French Revolution, treason trials, and the sacrifice of one’s own life in the name of love.
In the beginning of the book, Jarvis Lorry and Miss Lucie Manette meet and travel together to rescue Lucie’s father, Doctor Manette. The book jumps ahead to a time when Lucie has revived her dad, and the two are witnessing a trial against Charles Darnay, who is accused of treason. Sydney Carton, a goofy drunkard, saves Darnay from being convicted. Charles’ uncle, Marquis Evremonde, is killed by Revolutionaries in France going by the name “Jacques”. A year later, the two men profess their love for Lucie, but she marries Charles. Charles then admits to Mr. Manette that he is the descendant of those who imprisoned him, and Mr. Manette has a breakdown, but quickly recovers. Darnay travels to Paris and is arrested for emigration by the Revolutionaries, to then be rescued and re-arrested for the wrongs of his father and uncle—who killed a man and raped a woman, then blamed Mr. Manette, causing his imprisonment—once he is free. Awaiting the death of her husband, Lucie waits sadly in an inn when Sydney hears Madame Defarge plotting to kill the daughter of Luce and Lucie herself. In a desperate act of love for his friends, Sydney plans a course of action to save his friends: he planned an escape from the inn for the Manettes via carriage, then he ...

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... gives up literally everything—including his own life—for the sake of keeping a family together. Another example of said theme is when Defarge is obligated to give up his loyalty to Manette when he must further his involvement in the Revolution. This theme of sacrifice is utilizing the idea that one must give up minor things for the greater good, even if it hurts to do so.
A Tale of Two Cities is the adventure of a loving family in search of happiness, but is ultimately stuck in the challenges of freeing everyone from the unfortunate mistakes Darnay’s family committed. This novel is a whirlwind of twists and shocks as characters begin to develop and the French Revolution gets underway. The Manette family grows greatly throughout the book, finding true happiness.

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