A Synthesis Analysis Of Corporate Monopolies And The Dissolution Of Diversity

A Synthesis Analysis Of Corporate Monopolies And The Dissolution Of Diversity

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A Synthesis Analysis of Corporate Monopolies and the Dissolution of Diversity and Democracy in Modern Media Culture

This TV and media study will provide a synthesis analysis of various articles that define the increasing power of corporate media organizations and the detrimental affects it has on diversity and democracy in modern society. The capitalistic nature of corporate ownership has created monopolistic media organizations that continue to narrow the racial and gender aspects in TV Programming. In this manner, the increase of violent and racially diverse programming tends to serve the white hegemonic American culture, which illustrate the condensed conflict of capitalistic media organizations that seek control and profit over the markets. These factors define the various barriers to a democratic and diversified media system that serves the greater good, instead of the profits of a few major corporations. In this manner, the effect of corporate monopoly practices tends to break down a democratic and diversified view of American life through the singular view of monopolists in the modern media industry. This synthesis analysis will define the various issues in the articles brought forth in this study of corporate power and the dissolution of democracy and diversity in modern media culture.
In the modern era, the capitalistic system of corporate enterprise defines the increasing problem of private ownership and the issue of TV content in the modern media. More so, the “democratic” culture of first nations, such as the United States, tend to promote diversity, yet the “market mentality” of the media industry tends to override critical examinations that dissolve diversity and democracy. In many cases, the profitability of cor...

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...e ownership classes, and not the more diverse array of cultural and ethnic varieties of the American population. More so, the use of violence and fear mongering through film and TV programming has created a kind of psychological barrier to democracy and collective thinking. These aspects of corporate media define the way in which a very few individuals can control the content of TV programming without any type of regulation from the government or by the will of the people. In this manner, the theoretical application of democratic principles might imply that a vast majority of people does not want violent programming, yet the corporations continue to force its own ideology onto the masses. These are very important aspects of the dissolution of democratic values of monopolistic corporate media organization that several limit diversity in America and around the world.

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