Essay about A Symbol Of The Heroic Deeds Kennedy

Essay about A Symbol Of The Heroic Deeds Kennedy

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Boston, Massachusetts will display it 's recognition of him in Boston Harbor with a newly designed monument. This monument will be a symbol of the heroic deeds Kennedy offered throughout his term. As a constant reminder, this monument shall display his commitment, wit, and the patience he embodied; characteristics that describe nothing less than a hero.

Kennedy ran for office in the 1960 's. Unfortunately for him, it was an era of chaos; civil rights was the new emerging issue. Acts of violence and inequality were at its peak. Civilians were being attacked, rages between races were flourishing the streets, and deaths were increasing in numbers. When he campaigned for presidency, JFK did not realize the strength of society 's forces. Forces we ultimately between the races. What society needed was a hero. It was his mission to begin an era of equality: an ideal that placed its members in a community of peace.
Originally he felt the immense pressure of such an act, and was unsure of the nation 's future. What kept him strong was his commitment for peace. From the beginning of his campaign he expressed, "stirring visions of a bold new America, eager and able to solve virtually every national and international problem...expressing a message of strength and hope" (Reeves, 1). Once he gained office, he did not disappoint. Wanting an end to this continuous national strife, Kennedy was undoubtedly committed. Beginning with the bail of Martin Luther King Jr. from an Atlanta jail, JFK gained his support in his efforts toward peace and equality. Understanding the controversy of this action, it was a step towards societal recognition. The civil rights issue was at the forefront. Only a true hero would perform such a...

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...e crisis will be no more. After thirteen days, the problem was resolved. I would like to honor John F. Kennedy with the term hero because he delivered his bold visions of the United States. A man who can accomplish this must be remembered, and for that, this monument will do nothing less.

Knowing how influential Kennedy was to our country, I can proudly claim him my hero. He persistently worked toward goals that benefitted our nation. Never letting go of the idea of peace, JFK was our Superman; fighting for our country 's freedom and equality daily. A president that does such deed is a man who is deserving of recognition. He is my hero due to his commitment in office, the wit he carried through his term, and the patience he embodied in the entire process. Boston will be privileged to have a monument placed in its harbor after such a glorious leader.

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