A Surprise Attack On Pearl Harbor Essay

A Surprise Attack On Pearl Harbor Essay

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It all started with a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. During the 1940s, United States placed an embargo on Japan’s access to war materials in an attempt to stop Japan from further invasion in Asia. However, the plan did not work out well. On December 7, 1941, the Japanese attacked the US’s Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor, and caused more than 2,400 deaths of Americans (Roark 671). This surprise attack not only pushed the United States into World War II, but also triggered the start of racial discrimination against Asians in America, specifically Japanese Americans, Chinese, and of course, the Japanese. In this essay, an excerpt taken from the Life Magazine will be analyzed and supported with The American Promise written by James Roark et al. to illustrate the chaos created by the Japanese, which eventually led to Asians in America becoming victims of discrimination.
After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the public image of Asians was ruined because of the Japanese. Among Asians, Japanese Americans were major victims. The United States viewed Japanese Americans, many of whom were US citi...

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