A Summary On Leadership Learning Essay

A Summary On Leadership Learning Essay

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Summary of Leadership Learning
Throughout this course of study we have had the opportunity to explore different definitions and theories of leadership, and have been asked to consider and apply them in thought and reflection concerning both our organization and our own personal leadership practice and style. This process has caused me to reconsider both my premises and historical leadership experiences and knowhow. The first and greatest singular impact for me was the realization that leadership, good leadership, is in fact very dynamic in principal and in daily practice; based the circumstances and situation; as well as many other immediate and ever changing factors. And secondly, that while my own natural style was very laid pack and laissez-faire, this is not wrong or faulty. Especially, once I reflected further and come to realize that my own style was actually quite dynamic, and readily and rapidly adjusts to fit the changing circumstances and situation which I routinely face.
In fact, my own leadership style and performance confirm that I can step up and step in becoming very autocratic, much like a dictator, not tolerating any input or ideas to be foisted by those in my charge. Instead demanding, expecting and receiving complete and utter cooperation and compliance to by barked orders and commands. This is a particular style of leadership which I have never enjoyed following nor wanted to actively emulate. This is because, in my experience, it is akin to ruling by fear and intimidation and is centered on status, authority or rank of the leader; and not on the earned respect of one’s followers. It is not therefore very effective in the long run. This style does however have its time and place, in example; the drill instr...

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...organization, leaders who they can actively and routinely observe and emulate as role models and benchmarks of what is achievable in within their organization.

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