A Suicide Bomber Kills Three Essay

A Suicide Bomber Kills Three Essay

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“A suicide bomber kills three in Jerusalem.” “ISIS militants take Iraq army camp.” “Violent protests continue to grow in Cairo.” News of Middle Eastern unrest does not stop streaming into our lives, creating havoc and heartbreak to people living there. However, in the 8th to 13th century, the Middle East was leading the world in science and a huge contributor in the Spice Trade . Subsequently, what transformed the Middle East from a great country of innovation to a country filled with turmoil and chaos? Every decision that we make, has an effect on our future and the future of people around us. History is a story of decisions made in the past that change the course of life for the future. In World War 1, many decisions were made by prominent leaders that brought massive change and destruction to the world. The Sykes-Picot Agreement is a perfect example of one of these decisions that still brings disorder into our lives. (we still feel an effect)
In the early 1900’s, the world was on the brink of disastrous collapse. The nationalistic sentiments mixed with Darwinistic views of the Eugenics Movement, made war inevitable and people yearning to eliminate the world of inferior individuals. In 1912, the first Eugenics Conference was held in London debating the philosophy of the movement. The British Medical Journal published in 1912 described Professor Punnett saying, “(T)he one instance of eugenic importance that could be brought under immediate control is that of feeble-mindedness… There is every reason to expect that a policy of strict segregation would rapidly bring about the elimination of this character.” The laid-back, typical way that these ideas were being discussed expressed the ideology of the world and how people thoug...

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... of the spheres of influence. The French wanted the rule of the Mediterranean coastline. Picot hoped to get an extension to the French sphere of influence eastward from Syria to Mosul (in what is now Iraq). “In secretly planning to take Mosul, Picot was unaware that… Sykes was secretly planning to give it to him.” The French wanted this part of the Middle East for its natural resources and suspected oil riches. In spite of the riches that were suspected to exist there, the British wanted the French sphere of influence to extend from the Mediterranean coast all the way to the east so it paralleled and adjoined Russian-held zone; the French zone was to provide Britain with a shield against Russia. “From a military point of view, the principle of inserting a wedge of French territory between any British zone and the Russian Caucasus would seem in every way desirable.”

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