Essay on A Successful Leading Retail Store

Essay on A Successful Leading Retail Store

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What exactly does it take to create a successful leading retail store? So many companies are in competition of gaining the shopper’s loyalty they end up neglecting other important aspects. A perfect retailer has to balance out high-quality, attractive prices, customer loyalty, and an enjoyable environment. “Target has experienced considerable growth in the last decade because its stores offer fashionable merchandise at low prices in a pleasant shopping environment.” (pg42) “It has developed an image of ‘cheap chic’.” (pg42)
Customers are appealed by Target’s consistent value of their products and customers. “With 1,793 stores in the U.S.”, Target assures that their layout, merchandise, visual merchandising, and service all contribute to their success. Being open for almost 55 years, Target created new ideas for discounted retail stores (Target Corporate History).

Target offers something for everyone who walks in, from males to females, infants to plus size, athletes to mechanics. However, more women over men are shopping at local Targets. These women are usually married and between the ages of 25-34 years old. They are estimated to have an annual income of 50,000-74,000, and reside in the south region of the country. The fashion segments for Target are both traditional and fashion-forward. Customers that dress traditionally can shop in a Target as well as those who are fashion-forward and enjoy following trends (pg. 114). Target’s varieties of clothing in their fashion departments are on a wide-scale, offering women basic tees and jeans or to the other women prefer fringed dresses and fur vests when they are in style. Also, Target is considered to be “an upscale discount retailer” (Target Corporate Fact Sheet). Custo...

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...r years of trial and errors they have a better understanding of what qualities customers are seeking and they deliver it. For the customers who want to make just one trip and check everything off their list, Target offers just that. Easy and quick checkouts also contribute to their efficient ways of business.

From the high-quality brands of merchandise available to the displays of each department, Target is doing an outstanding job of keeping their customers coming back for more.

Not only is this company looking to better the lives of those who shop there, but also the community. “5% of our profit helps to strengthen our communities” (Target Corporate Purpose & Beliefs).


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