Essay on A Successful, Fair, And Equitable Classroom

Essay on A Successful, Fair, And Equitable Classroom

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In a successful, fair, and equitable classroom, it is a teacher’s role to be an instructor that encourages a classroom that is filled with opportunities to teach students self-discipline. Students, especially in middle school, are in a state of development and it is crucial that teachers at this grade level are facilitating development that is positive and successful for all students. I believe that in a classroom students should have the opportunity to be both physically and mentally involved in the classroom. At this age, students are very excitable and tend to be very active, so it would be beneficially to the overall success of a classroom that students are given work that involves their active minds and bodies and serves as an outlet for development. Assignments that allow students to be physically involved tend to yield less behavioral issues because the students are completely involved in the assignment. I believe that it is my job to not strictly discipline behavior, but instead to redirect off-task student behavior. I believe that students should not be treated as less than the teacher; in my ideal classroom, students and teachers will develop a relationship based on mutual trust which stems from the overall classroom environment that is built over time.

With each student in my classes, I will strive to develop educationally professional relationships with that show the students that I care about them as a person and am truly invested in their education and overall success. The relationships that I will build with my students will be the basis of the classroom environment. During the first week of school I plan on sitting down with my students and outlining their expectations of myself as their teacher an...

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...eloped with my students will help make these conversations easier for my students. I always want to make sure that no matter what my students feel safe and cared for in my classroom. Although I do not want to be a strict disciplinarian, I still believe in having a backbone when it comes to how I treat disciplinary action in my classroom and I believe that I must be fair and equitable with all students in order to maintain a positive classroom environment that is based on mutual trust.

Ultimately in my classroom, I want my students to have fun and be engaged in their learning. I want to make sure that my classroom is a safe place for my students to be and a place where they want to be and can grow mentally, emotionally, and physically. I believe that a classroom based on rigor and student-focused will be the most beneficial for middle school students.

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