Essay about A Successful Career in Public Relations

Essay about A Successful Career in Public Relations

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On October 14, 2012, Felix Baumgartner flew up 24 miles above the Earth’s crust and jumped. He broke many world records that day (Mission History). Baumgartner broke the record for the highest exit altitude (24.21 miles) and also broke the sound barrier. He achieved the record for maximum vertical speed at 843.6 mph and longest freefall at 119,431 feet (Mission History). This stunt was thought up by a public relations specialist for the energy drink company Red Bull to get the attention of potential new consumers. A public relations specialist is one who helps a company or individual achieve name recognition and increase market share. Public relations specialists are necessary for every aspect of the business world and its an excellent career option.
Successful public relations specialist will have to do many individual tasks within themselves. A public relations specialist will have to plan public events, speak for a client or client company and work with the press (What Is). The public relations specialist will have to think outside of the box as far as attention towards one’s brand goes. Like in the case of the Red Bull Stratos jump. The public relations specialist for Red Bull dreamt up a great scheme for the company and it worked. It was different and a specialist will have to be too. There are some important personal skills to use as a public relations person. Intelligence and an outgoing personality are the tools to help one in this career (Museum of). The public relations specialist at Red Bull was obviously an outgoing thinker. Nobody else would think of having a man jump from the edge of the Earth for your brand.
With the expansion of the businesses, the importance of public relations has grown an...

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