A Study On Type II Diabetes Essay

A Study On Type II Diabetes Essay

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Type II diabetes is a national, and frankly startling, health problem that affects our country. According to the latest findings by the Center of Disease Control and Prevention “more than 29 million Americans have diabetes; 1 in 4 doesn’t know”. Diabetes is a serious disease, but one which can be treated, and even prevented, with healthy lifestyle choices. However, in this research study it was claimed that “mounting evidence indicates that Roux-en-Y gastric bypass ameliorates type 2 diabetes, but randomised trials comparing surgical vs nonsurgical care are needed" (Cummings, D. E. et al). Thus, this study was conducted for that specific reason, to strictly compare these two routes of treating diabetes.
In this research study they used a parallel-group randomized controlled trial to compare the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) to an intensive lifestyle and medical intervention (ILMI) for type 2 diabetes. 1,808 adults were screened that met the inclusion criteria for this study – age 25–64, with type 2 diabetes, and a BMI 30–45 kg/m2. Of these screened, only 43 were distributed through concealed, computer-generated random assignment in a 1:1 ratio to the RYGB group or the ILMI group. Although treatment allocation could not be blinded, outcomes were determined by a “blinded adjudicator” (Cummings, D. E. et al). Twenty-three volunteers were assigned to RYGB and twenty to ILMI. Of these, eleven withdrew before receiving any intervention from the trial. Therefore, fifteen in the RYGB group and seventeen in the IMLI group were evaluated throughout one year – a total of thirty two subjects.
According to the study, the groups were comparable regarding all baseline characteristics except that the RYGB group had a “longer diabetes duration”...

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...y left out was how “the most impressive benefit of surgery compared with ILMI was in ameliorating diabetes, even though by chance the surgical group started with a duration of diabetes nearly twice that of the ILMI group, which biases against such surgical superiority” (Cummings, D. E. et al). In the end, while nothing was twisted in the media source, our cultural mentality is that the quick fix, or the least effort, is best. It worked for a small group of specific individuals, in regards to BMI and diagnosis, but I think it’s too quick to generalize this to our entire population. Although this article may not exaggerate the findings from this study, I can predict the general population with type two diabetes would want to opt for surgery rather than lifestyle changes. Out of everything, that is what bothered me the most about reading this article and research study.

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