A Study On Toddler Period Essay

A Study On Toddler Period Essay

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Infancy- Toddler Period (Birth to 3)
Laurie was born on July 11, 1989 at Henrico Doctors Richmond, VA. Weighing 3lbs and 5ozs and 15 inches in length. At birth the nurses do an APGAR score that scores from 0 to 10 and most healthy babies score from 7 to 10. This APGAR is to measure the appearance, pulse, grimace, activity, and respiration (Feldman, 2014). After birth Laurie scored a 5 all together on the APGAR score by this the doctors took Laurie away to be placed on oxygen to help her to breathe. With preterm babies they are developmentally immature due to lungs do not have enough surfactant to allow proper oxygen to pass through the body, not enough subcutaneous fat to keep warm and so on (Christensen & Kockrow, 2011). She was placed in the NICU in an incubator with oxygen, heart monitor and given 2 blood transfusions. They could not find a reason why her blood levels where dropping. After 12 hours Laurie could breathe on her on without the oxygen, which was good sign in the right direction. Laurie had to remain in the hospital for eight weeks while her parents had to travel back and forth to the hospital.
Getting an understanding of the prenatal period and the birth of Laurie there can be a better understanding the development stages. Looking at the development stages from Erik Erikson for the first stage infancy: basic trust vs. mistrust this is where the infant learns to trust or not to trust others by the care the infant receives or not receives (Christensen & Kockrow, 2011). Care for an infant is the basic need such as being fed, cleaned, and the most physical contact (Christensen & Kockrow, 2011). Being in the NICU it is hard on the parents as well the infant because there is a lack of bonding at first because all ...

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...re. So she was showing autonomy. Also, in this time period from infant to toddler there are many doctor appointments to keep an eye on the child development and growth this is also very important with premature infants. Looking at Laurie’s case she born very small weighing only 3lbs and 11ozs she was able to catch up eventually to the norm for her age. These were all good signs in her development. Growing strong and being a miracle baby as the doctors called her she was developing well. She was able have a secure attachment with her parents. Mary Ainsworth explained how important a secure attachment was very important in child development (Feldman, 2014). Even at the beginning of the autonomy vs. shame and doubt it looked like Laurie may have been on the negative side with shame and doubt she was able to overcome it after an obstacle the heart monitor was removed.

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