A Study On The School Day Essay

A Study On The School Day Essay

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Lawrence Middle School consists of 7th and 8th graders, totaling 600 students. The school day is from 7:45 am until 2:34 pm, consisting of six, sixty-minute blocks. The students have a math and a language arts class daily, science daily for once semester and social studies daily for the other semester. There are A, B, C, D, and E days, as well as red and white days. The students’ schedules vary every day. Students are offered three languages: Spanish, French and Chinese. In 7th grade they take every language, and in 8th grade they have the ability to choose which one they like best to take. LMS offers many extra curricular activities that are federally funded. Students belong to one of three houses: Phoenix, Draco, or Orion. Each house has a house leader, then teachers within the language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies departments. Throughout the year, there are competitions between the houses such as “which house dresses the best during spirit week?” Students love trying to gain points for their house to earn rewards and hear their house named the winner over the intercom at the end of the day. There is a functional supervisor for a group of teachers throughout the whole district: a humanities supervisor, technical supervisor, special education supervisor, athletics supervisor, guidance supervisor, and a math/science supervisor. This person is responsible for ensuring all teachers within a specific department are sticking to the curricula and they observe the teachers as often as possible.
The LMS students are provided with many resources. They receive Google chrome books that they use within all of their classes. Teachers have a Weebly website, Google classroom, and their own personal website with different info...

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...an answer to one of her question, if the student know she’d explain it more and then move on to another question. After the lesson and the students broke up into groups or to do independent work, she would walk over to the student and make sure they understand everything and if anything is bothering him or her. One student was consistently coming to class five minutes after the late bell rings. A particular time, Kayla came late then proceeded to fool around in the beginning of class so Mrs. Coyle asked why she always shows up to class late. Kayla kept making excuses and seemed like she didn’t care about coming to her math class. Mrs. Coyle took her aside and sternly and said “I think we have to have a conversation after this. This is unacceptable. You know parent conferences are coming up.” Scared, Kayla walked away and immediately paid attention the rest of class.

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