A Study On The Rough Hand Dealt Essay

A Study On The Rough Hand Dealt Essay

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The Rough Hand Dealt
There are multiple situations where it doesn’t help our mental state. Poverty, negative environments, the whole set of whammies. Life is in a forever cycle of highs and lows-one minute we have a booming economy, next we have a recession. You can say life is just one massive bipolar habitat. There are nations in war, millions in poverty, hundreds of millions unemployed, so be surprised once there are millions who are depressed. There are some events that deserve nothing but a slight nod, and then some deserve our utter attention. The study Learning To Be Depressed (M.E.P Seligman) was a study looking into the eyes of criminals of war. The study was done with dogs, having three groups: the one that can escape, one that can stop the shocking, and the one who had to rely on the second group to end their suffering. The results, showed after many trials of shocks the third group soon lost the motivation to even resist the shocks, they just laid there and took their punishment. Many teens believe that if something outstanding happens in their life they are responsible- breakup, parents divorce, pet dying,etc.. We as a society live off the term “This is the hand I’ve been dealt” because we live in a blunt society. If you relate the findings of Seligman’s study, you would find that perceptions of power are important for psychological health. As a human being, I and millions of others stride to be in power- politicians running for executive office, a business man controlling the stock market, a musician trying to hit the top of platinum charts, and many others. Now imagine the polar opposite; living a life where lack power or basic control of decisions in your life. This aspect of life develops a helplessness, victimi...

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...icking on this kid, so now let’s do role reversals.
If I was being bullied, lived in an emotionally and verbally abusive household, also someone was bullying me on a regular basis, what is my initial confirmation bias? Until someone tells me otherwise and intervenes, I deserves this and should expect what is coming my way. This is a reality that many people want to avoid, because it raises a lot of questions on how the bullies should simply stop or the victims should fight back. This isn’t a mere habit, but almost the sudden abrupt discontinuation of a mindset. These behaviours are something that can’t be easily shaken off, and that’s why the disease of depression isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. The definition of depression in common terms that can be understand in universal terms is the behavioural and neurological low. How low do we allow depression to take us?

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