A Study On The Kitchener Downtown Community Health Centre

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Nzuzi and her mother require a holistic umbrella of support from various agencies and groups in order to meet both her needs and those of Nzuzi. We have chosen to concentrate on the treatment of their medical conditions but also provide access wraparound service providers as immediate medical intervention on a number of levels is imperative. The Kitchener Downtown Community Health Centre offers the services of primary health care from a physician or a registered practical nurse for diagnosis and treatment as well as referrals to community services and specialists and education programs. Both a dietician and social workers are also available for counselling and education. This agency also will provide case management through a Community Health Worker/Advocate in order to assist with accessing services within the community and the collaboration of care between members of the treatment team. The Community Health Worker/Advocate will also assist in navigating government systems in order to access identification. The Aids Committee of Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo and Area provides services to individuals, families and friends dealing with Human immunodeficiency virus infection and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS). Nzuzi and her mother, as well as any members of her supportive friends or family can access these services. One of the programs offered is the African and Caribbean Community Development. This program offers social groups that offer outreach services, “linguistically appropriate support, education, and outreach services to African and Caribbean newcomers and communities” (ACCKWA, 2016, pg.1). ACCKWA is able to provide person in-environment support that is client directed in regards to immigration, housing, t... ... middle of paper ... ...t the disease so that they can make healthy life choices. So in the case of Nzuzi and her family, a social worker will have to collaborate with physicians, pharmacist, psychologists, immunologist public health agencies and immigration, Conclusion This report examined the presumed experience of Nzuzi as they accessed services and supports in the Waterloo Region. Through this examination, perspective was gained on the strengths and deficits of the community and the greater Canadian culture in meeting the needs of new immigrants and those with HIV status. Through this experience we learned the important role that Social Workers and allied health professionals play in the lives of individuals in need as well as where the gaps in service lie. “Social workers work within the context of a multidisciplinary team in providing support for those living with a chronic illness”

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