Essay A Study On The Future Of A Grow Room Lights

Essay A Study On The Future Of A Grow Room Lights

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When growing a good amount of vegetation indoors it is important to take many things into consideration when operating and maintaining a grow room. A grow room is a simulated environment in witch plants are grown by recreating how they grow outdoors. One of the most crucial elements in the grow room is the grow light. Grow rooms are most commonly used for the growth of cannabis.

Grow room lights are a very important element when it comes to the indoor growing process. The Galaxyhydro UFO is a high power energy saving grow light. The light itself produces ultraviolet and infrared rays and has the function of sterilization. This meaning it doesn 't run as bright as other led lights, but doesn 't reduce the quality of the light. The light casing is made of a heat aluminum that keeps the light 80% cooler than high intensity discharge lights. Dimensions for this particular light are 10.7x10.7x2.4 inches and is a great choice for your hydroponic set up.

If your grow room is fairly smaller, the good news is that grow lights come in many different shapes and sizes. The Grow Buddy is a pretty compact but useful grow light for those smaller grow rooms. This led grow light only puts out 2-17 watts of electricity making it more energy efficient by using 25% to 80% less energy than most led lights. The Grow Buddy also runs cool putting out less heat without a fancy cooling system that requires a bunch of maintenance. If you do have a smaller grow room this is a great option and is usually quite in expensive.

Panel led lights are a good option for a elaborate hydroponic set up. The King full spectrum led grow light is a panel light that is very energy efficient. This light like the Galaxyhydro uses a heat aluminum making it 80% cooler th...

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...ght from TaoTronics is no exception. Each one of these lights has 25 leds giving it good coverage over plants making them grow faster and stronger. This grow light does not put off heat and last twenty times longer than the average led grow light. The LED lights TaoTronics are environmentally friendly and do not contain mercury. Taotronics is high quality, affordable and great for grow rooms.

If you are are a serious grower and don 't mind spending a good amount on your hydroponic set up, then behold the Advance Platinum P450. This beast of an LED has the highest out put per watt of any other grow light out there making it the best for grow rooms. The Advanced Platinum P450 two high speed fans and an upgraded aluminum cooling heat sinks. The dimensions of this light are 4.5ft x 4ft. The Advanced Platinum P450 is the right light for the most serious of grow rooms.

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