A Study On The Foundation Of Love Essay

A Study On The Foundation Of Love Essay

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Foundation of love begin when two singles has great feeling attach to each other. From stranger to couple and from couple to someone we will spend our rest of our life, but what if a man and a woman forces to get married just to please their parents? According to Robert Epstein, psychologist at American Institute for Behavior and Research and Technology, ‘’ one key to a strong arranged marriage is the amount of parental involvement at its start’’ (par. 3). However, the concept of ‘’Married at First Sight’’ does not involve parents. In this reality show we have four individual specialists from different faculties to help 6 singles to find the love of their life base through scientific match-making. Dr. Logan Levkoff position as Sexologist; Dr. Joseph Cilona as Psychologist; Dr. Peppper Schwartz as Sociologist; and Spiritual Advisor, Greg Epstein. Arranged Marriages consider as unacceptable to me and there are several ideal I have to consider before watching someone I love walk down aisle and start our life together such as, Career, Common interests’ hobbies, and Personality.
To begin with, Career is important and play a major key role for a successful family and financially. As we know that in “Married at First Sight’’ Tres match up with Ashley and they know each other job and position but they didn’t know that how that job impact to one and another such as wages and how busy they are and what position that their partners doing because they aren’t able to communicate or even having a single hint about who is their partner is. In addition, Tres and Ashley has no right to find the prospective person that they looking at the same leverage position as them. My personal values and relationship to career is very crucial and important be...

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... long period of time to see if we have are able to sit down and get to share what is on our mind and be open mind. No one ever want a partner who are unfriendly, aggressive, easy to get mad, and moody. We need times to adjust our behavior and action toward each other to build a strong foundation of life after married.
To Wrap it all up, Arranged marriages and marry someone that you truly love has different prospective you their own and family. Even though four specialists did their best to find a perfect match, but doesn’t it goes as it plan. Love still remain a mystery formula that we need to understand individually. Must be remembered that spend times as much we can to find right person to yourself better than match up with someone we barely know and understand and end up in a miserable terrible marriages life or make a wisely decision and live in a warm family.

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