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A Study On The Faith Tradition Essay examples

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The faith tradition that I follow is Catholicism and from what my current understanding about my faith tradition and what is said about the interaction with the environment, is that all followers of the Catholic faith and all Christian faith traditions in general, is that all must respect God’s earth and his creations. As a Catholic, my family and I strongly believe that God created the earth and heaven as a place where his creations live throughout the circle of life. God created an environment for his people that would teach and provide his people with the resources that they need in order to live and survive. After furthering my research on the Catholic faith traditions and what has been said about interacting with the environment, I was able to gain a better understanding of Catholicism and the environment.
I was able to conduct a brief phone interview with our priest from our church back in Denver, Colorado. Father Mark Franceschini is a retired priest that has done several mission trips around the world and is an active member of the community, so I thought he would be a great source to use. I asked his about the faith traditions of Catholicism and what is said about interacting with the environment. A majority of his answers were based around the idea of respect and love. He mentioned his previous mission work around the work and the importance of spreading God and love to His people. Father Mark found that interacting with the environment through providing love and respect was very important as that is showing the way in which God would want his people to live. Prior to speaking with Father Mark, I had almost a similar idea to Catholicism and the environment. He mentioned that since the beginning of history, His people h...

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...ul information about ecology and Catholic social teachings, as well as the views of the environment from a Christian perspective.
From what I have learned about my faith tradition and what is said about the interaction with the environment, I believe that the views that the Catholic tradition hold about the environment is similar, if not the same to other Christianity faith traditions. From the sources, I have learned that it is based around God’s creation and we must learn to respect all creation as it would be a sin not to. The responses that Father Mark gave me along with what I read in the journal were relatively similar, although the journal went into more in-depth and difficult to understand concepts. Many Christians are active within their church and environment, which indicates that there is a strong interaction with the environment as it is God’s creation.

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