Essay about A Study On The Death Of Death

Essay about A Study On The Death Of Death

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Death is a topic some people often like avoiding because it can be followed with a variety of emotions, usually saddening ones. The reason is because we truly don’t know what happens after death, and losing a loved one can be quite emotionally taxing. I remember one of the first assignments I had, a scavenger hunt, left me pensive in wondering how other people view death and the topics surrounding it. I requested assistance to look for greeting card that revolved around death and dying, and I received, for the most part, weird looks and bewilderment. The sales associates asked me why I was taking the course and if I ever left the class feeling depressed. I answered honestly; that it was a requirement and that I was actually interested. Additionally, I mentioned how I did not leave class feeling sad. Personally, I don’t mind discussing this subject because it’s thought-provoking to see how it is viewed globally, studied sociologically, and admittedly important to have.
Upon seeing the amount of coursework involved in this class, my reaction was of laziness and intimidation. I always like a challenge, however, and I surely was able to exercise my time management skills. I genuinely enjoyed the question of the day because after lecture, and even throughout the day, I pondered it. For example, once during lecture we were asked if funeral arrangements had been considered for ourselves or our parents. Later that week, I found myself discussing this topic with my long-time significant other and mother. I recognized that this question is not something to think about temporarily this semester, it is a real situation that will need proper consideration as I will face it eventually. Another question of the day that stood out is when we w...

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... Kubler-Ross) that I have been taught will be applied most practically. In terms of death, one of the most difficult parts of bereavement are the concepts I listed above; they are integral in aiding the coping and moving on process.
In regards to legal issues and medical ethics, (e.g., wills, life insurance, resuscitation, and physician assisted suicide, donating body) these are other concepts that I will consider more as I become older. I’ve openly discussed with my long-time significant other what my wants are in regards to my dead body and what my wishes are in terms of becoming terminally ill.
In sum, this course not only has me thinking of my own existence but as well as for my loved ones. It has helped in preparation for the sudden circumstance and occurrence that is and follows death. Death is something we have all experienced and shared as a society and

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