Essay on A Study On Pre Conference

Essay on A Study On Pre Conference

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As I began preparing for this assignment I was torn between two teachers Ms. H is a veteran teacher and Ms. B is a second- year teacher, both new to the Literacy Collaborative Framework, I decided to focus on Ms. B. Miss. B is a second- year teacher, teaching seventh grade ELA in a 6-8 middle school building, she taught one year at the high school level. I completed several informal observations prior to scheduling a formal observation. Preceding the formal observation Ms. B and I had a discussion about the informal observations, reviewed notes that were taken during the observations and any concerns she may have. There was also conversation pertaining to classroom management, student engagement, and instructional strategies employed by the teacher during the writing portion of her class. Ms. B voiced concern about time management and students involvement.
After scheduling the formal observation Ms. B and I sat down and discussed the focus of her lesson. Ms. B decided to focus her lesson on writing a conclusion and this would occur during writer’s workshop. I inquired as to why she chose this topic and Ms. B said: “her students were struggling with this and on the last Ongoing Formative Assessment the score were very weak.” Ms. B would begin with a minilesson centering on why writers write conclusions and then view a powerpoint to further explain her lesson. During the lesson, students will work in small groups on conclusions, and on their independent writing projects.

Formal Observation:
The lesson began with a brief review of the writing process in addition to the parts of a paper. Ms. B then started with her minilesson: “Writers write conclusions to summarize the important parts of their essay for th...

... middle of paper ... students rate the samples and explain why they gave a conclusion a particular rating; this could be done in small groups. One final recommendation I had for Ms. B was to set-up a time to observe a teacher with more experience in Literacy Collaborative; this would enable her to see how short the instructional time is during literacy collaborative.

After reviewing the OTES Rubric, pre and post observation, conference notes and the observation I would identify Ms. B as a Developing Teacher. Ms. B is a second- year teacher who started the year using ELA units and changing to the Literacy Framework after the first quarter. She is making progress and with the Embedded Profession Development that is required from The Ohio State University and Youngstown City School District Ms. B will be able to acquire the skills needed to become a Skilled and Accomplished teachers.

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