A Study On My Teacher Made Me Get At A Group And Put Together A Survey Essay

A Study On My Teacher Made Me Get At A Group And Put Together A Survey Essay

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In class, my teacher made me get in a group and put together a survey. On the survey we could ask any questions we wanted to, as long as it pertained to fear. Within the 2 days of passing around the survey and getting people to do the survey we ended up received many results. One specific question that shocked me when I saw the answers was“What was your fear, and why?”. Many people answered this question by saying spiders, snakes, drowning, flying, etc….. When I was reading these,I was expecting a different results more a deeper fear that has affected the way you look at that specific thing in life.
Think about growing up in life and you are about to move out and the whole time you are scared at the fact that you think you are going to fail at life and everything is going to go down hill. Well, after thinking a long time about a fear that I might have, I found out that this is a fear I have and this is something that makes me think and makes me not want to grow up and want to stay young.
In high school my senior year, I could take as many electives as I wanted to take as long as I had the proper requirements already met for graduation. I was reading through my choices of classes I can take and I chose adult living class and a advanced placement(AP) photography class. The adult living and photography class was fun, I enjoyed being in this class. This fear has started to develope when I was in an adult living class, we were learning about things that will help me out in my future. In this class the teacher is suppose to help prepare me for important things I need to know when I grow up and move out. One day the teacher made us do a project throughout the week and the project was pretty much about my career and how much mone...

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...hinking about the good that I have done in that day instead of bad, finding ways that can help me through life helps me out by relieving stress off of my back. Which in return, will make my life happier.
I hope that when I get out in the real world and live on my own, I will end up overcoming this fear and notice that it wasn’t as scary as it seems now. Doing this project not only did I think more about the fear I have and how I got it, but it made me think about the different levels of fear, how I live with the fear, and how it started. Fear impacts everyone 's life differently and having a fear isn 't bad, it is a natural thing people get. Just talking about a fear might help others out, or getting the fear out by writing it down and thinking about fear in more detail. If you have a fear, sit and think of ways that you can overcome your fear and how it started.

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