A Study On My Physical Frailty Occurred With Officiating A College Basketball Game

A Study On My Physical Frailty Occurred With Officiating A College Basketball Game

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Two years ago, I lived as a cancer patient for seven long days. Well, not precisely. But that’s what I was told. So, I prepared myself like a man for a battle I never had to face.
It was the beginning of spring. Like a flower prepares for blossoming, I felt as if God had primed and prepared me for a season of growth. During this time, I felt as strong as ever in every facet of life. However, the season I entered blindsided me, leaving me surrounded with all types of questions, confusion, and chaos.
The initial recognition of my physical frailty occurred while officiating a college basketball game. After making an awkward turn on a fast break, a loud pop from my right knee echoed through the gym. Originally, doctors thought I tore my meniscus and part of my ACL and/or MCL.
“Way to go, that’s just embarrassing,” I told myself.
As a guy, my pride swelled up like my injured knee. I didn’t have this cool story to tell about outrunning a bear or wrestling a tiger. No, I wasn’t even playing in the basketball game, but officiating it. Has a referee every been injured by running before, anyways?
Thankfully, an MRI revealed only slight damage, which required a couple weeks of rest and a pretty sweet knee brace. Adhering to my doctor’s advice, I rested from all sorts of physical activity for a week. Since I enjoy working out, this didn’t sit well with me. So, I decided to pay more attention to my nutrition to keep my body healthy.
As the week progressed, I noticed an unexpected, significant change in my bodyweight. Because my metabolism practically runs at the speed of light, I consumed roughly 4,000 calories a day to ward off any possible illness. But, I was still losing about an entire pound a day. By the end of the week, I had lost abo...

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...nseen, which has since been revealed to me, proves God was restoring my health by his faithfulness. Yes, I know. That might seem contradictory. You might even say I trust in God’s faithfulness because he restored my health, but I’ll attest to his goodness because it never depended on my health. Actually, it never depended on me to begin with. I’m just another soul on a planet filled with billions of souls.
I can’t speak for the other souls in the world, but as for me, my strength comes from the Lord. In a moment, every ounce of might was robbed from me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. And it was God who faithfully restored that to me. I might not understand everything about him, but a God you can fully understand is not worth serving. So, I trust that he walked me gave me this story to tell for a divine purpose. Even if that purpose remains blurry to me now.

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