A Study On Multi Modal Music Essay

A Study On Multi Modal Music Essay

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After the review of nine peer-reviewed journal articles, several challenges emerged from the studies. Some of the challenges came from the specific studies itself and some are common problems for research in multi-modal composing usually during the process of designing and conducting the research. Based on the articles I have reviewed, it seems that studies in multi-modal composing (multimodal narratives, multimodal storytelling or multimodal digital storytelling) all face the challenge of preparing participants for the studies since many of the participants lack the knowledge of how to compose multimodally or compose multimodally and digitally. To deal with this problem, usually a workshop is held before the opening of the study just to give the participants an orientation of what is the study about and how to use digital devices to compose multimodally. One exception is the study conducted by Mina (2014). In her study, she investigated three international multilingual students ' multimodal narratives and how their identities were enacted through their multimodal digital stories. There was no workshop or orientation mentioned in the study and it might be based on the researcher 's understanding that these students have already acquired some basic technology to compose multimodal stories by using available technology.
Another common issue confronting the researchers designing and conducting multimodal composing studies is the amount of data generated from various resources. Due to this, researchers usually choose to study the product, which is the final multimodal compositions participants create. There are a few exceptions. For instance, Vasudevan, Schultz, and Bateman (2010) investigated the multimodal composing practices of a ...

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...support for students. Finally, the issue of whether or not downloading and obtaining resources from the Internet violates copyright and plagiarism is a debatable question. Even though digital composition authors changed or re-created the obtained resources, the original authors and their work need to be valued in regardless. A common regulation or digital media law is needed to monitor digital and multimodal composers’ practices.
Theoretical Paradigms Applied in Multimodal Digital Composing Research
There are several theories that framed the multimodal digital composing studies I have reviewed so far. I created a chart in the following to display the methodology, theoretical frameworks, research questions and data analysis theories and processes of each study. I will also describe the theoretical paradigms and the analytical tools/theories of the following studies.

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