A Study On Management And Leadership Essay

A Study On Management And Leadership Essay

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1.0 Introduction

In this report I will be reflecting account of the year in which I will introduce to three patches done through the year as well as one chosen lecture. The first task was a group work introducing to globalisation and sustainability. Our second job was focused on happiness in workplace task this demand great research on two chosen companies, creating a mind map plus in class presentation. The last task was an individual work and required argument presenting social corporate responsibility. Lastly, I will cover lecture about management and leadership, describe the difference between them as well as define why both are valid to a business.
2.0 The Work to date
2.1 Globalisation and Sustainability

In patch one our task was to promote national governments on the impact of globalisation, economic development, and sustainability. It was our first group work so apart from undertaking the difficult task also required to discover our strengths and weaknesses. Our group undertook a research, reviewing any possible relations between economic and environmental sustainability. As a group we decided to use countries like the UK and Sweden as developed ones and Mexico and Nigeria two developing countries. Task this was to help us see trends between their markets and their environmental footprints.
Rapid population growth, consumption of natural resources, increased consumer demand, goods and services is putting our environment at risk like climate change, pollution and deforestation. (Epa, 2015).
Climate change is increasing the risk of extreme weather events, from heavier rains or snow falls to hurricanes or cyclones. More frequent heat waves which all can lead to disasters and big impact on the food industry. (Met Office, ...

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...ntuition, which may in turn be of more benefit to the company. A leader is more emotional than a manager. There can be good and bad leaders, and there can be good and bad managers. (Ratcliffe, 2013).
3.0 Conclusion

Combining four topics together as different they looks from each other as complex the worlds business may be, there is always a connection between them. People all over the world have to realise that with this growing demand for goods we may never undo what we did to our environment.
The planet’s ecosystems are weakening and the climate is changing. While sustainability is about the future of our civilization, for today’s businesses it is also about making profit. We as a society must transform our markets both as a producer and consumer. It is important to change the way we do business. We need to become greener and meet real and essential human needs.

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