Essay on A Study On Energy Balance

Essay on A Study On Energy Balance

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Essay question 2: Energy balance
A) My estimate energy requirement is 1805.25 kcal per day. Compared this to my average actual calorie intake for the three days (1773 kcal), I am at negative energy balance. I am consuming -32.25 kcal fewer than my estimated kilocalorie expenditure.

B) Evaluate your BMI. Is it above, within, or below the recommended healthy weight-for-height range of 18.5 to 24.9?
My BMI is 18.94 kg/m2, which is within the recommended healthy weight-for height range.

C) If my energy balance were to remain as it was on the 3 days that I kept the diet intake record for one year, which is 32.25 kcals less than I needed to maintain energy balance every day. I would consume 11,771.25 kcals (32.25 kcals x 365 days) less than my needs over a period of one year. Thus, I can expect a weight loss of around 3.4 lbs (11,771.25 kcal deficit/3,500 kcal/lb) at the end of one year.

D) Personally, I think the weight loss that I have calculated in section C will not occur since the energy deficit average is solely based on three day’s data. My eating pattern may be different over a year time and my diet record for three days is not representable enough. Normally, I would eat more during winter time to keep myself warm. With my always changing diet pattern, my calories consumed will probably be different, which means I may not be in negative energy balance for one-year time. Besides, the daily requirement calculated is just an estimate. This mean my actual daily requirement maybe different from the estimated energy requirement. In addition, the estimated energy requirement is based on weight, height and activity level. Considering physical activity level always changes over time and also basal metabolic rate are also affecte...

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...d to inaccuracy in the energy balance calculation. Also, I may overestimate the energy requirement by neglecting the factors including restricted calorie intake, less body surface area and muscle mass can decrease the basal metabolic rate.
Apart from basal metabolic rate and energy balance calculation, environment also play a role in the accuracy of my diet analysis. Since this is my first semester here in Minnesota, the change in environment and unavailability of my home town food have a huge influence on what I eat, this may not reflect my real eating pattern. Also, the busy university lifestyle has also change my way of eating. Besides, the portion size I record may not be exactly the same as what I had eaten, since it was just an estimation. I did not use an electric balance to weigh the food before I ate. Thus, my energy intake is very likely to be inaccurate.

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