A Study On Elmira Denise Jones 's ' 61 Years On This Earth ' Essay

A Study On Elmira Denise Jones 's ' 61 Years On This Earth ' Essay

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Throughout her 61 years on this earth, Elmira Denise Jones has been through some detrimental situations that would cause the average person to give up. She has had to deal with the loss of several loved ones, substance abuse, illness, losing her job, and almost losing everything she owned. Life has caused her to go from a young woman who was once strong, and healthy, to a woman who is now old, fragile, and disabled. Although she has been through so many bad situations in her life, she is still managing to survive the storm.
Born and raised in the inner city of Baltimore, Maryland. Elmira’s life has always revolved around family. Growing up she was surrounded by both parents and grandparents, an aunt, and her siblings who all resided under the same roof. Elmira stated, “As a child it was wonderful to live in a household that was built with a foundation, it was filled with love, discipline and structure”. Elmira loves her family so much so that she has always felt like the guardian of her family. “I’ve allowed myself to stop my life to give my family everything, whether the thing I’m giving be of monetary value, emotional value, or physical value. Throughout her life, Elmira has always been willing to lend a helping hand. Sometimes she didn’t know if lending that helping hand hindered the person she helped or not. “If I give you a fish you’ll eat for a day (which I did), but if I teach you how to fish you’ll eat for a lifetime”, Elmira said.
At the age of 16, she gave birth to her first child and was forced to grow up fast. “Being a parent was a new experience and I had a lot of sleepless nights”, Elmira said. After high school, Elmira got married. After getting married, she and her husband moved to Annapolis, Maryland. Elmira lat...

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...hildren were doing drugs too. With the loss of so many of her love ones back to back, some due to senseless violence. The most hurtful loss that Elmira endured was the loss of her son. At the tender age of 18, her son was murdered due to gun violence. “The loss of my son left me with a feeling of emptiness. I believe that God gave me a sign before his death that he would be passing, it came to me in a dream”, Elmira said.

Elmira believes she is still here for a purpose and that God has a plan for her. She hopes to continue to help not only herself, but others. She also hopes to one day to go back to school to study in the field of health. Her granddaughter had this to say about Elmira, “My grandmother has impacted my life in a good and bad way. She is a good woman and she has taken care of me. Her life has been rough and she has made some mistakes, but who doesn’t.

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