A Study On Clinical Nurse Leaders Essay

A Study On Clinical Nurse Leaders Essay

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Clinical Nurse Leaders (CNLs) perform a balancing act that encompasses patient, administration and nurse practitioner interests. They are key executives in contemporary hospital settings. Prospective CNLs must obtain a master’s degree to qualify for this career track. Hospital administrators trust nurse leaders as nursing pool heads. CNLs also monitor and control the caregiving environment. As America’s healthcare needs increase, so will the need for Clinical Nurse Leaders.

Becoming a Clinical Nurse Leader

A master’s education is a prerequisite for the CNL role. Once a prospective nurse candidate has earned their degree, they must pass the CNL Certification Examination to officially receive CNL certification. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (ACCN) administers the certification exam. The organization defines the national standards for this role. The criteria that the ACCN sets for the CNL position are critical for hospital administrators to ascertain whether a candidate can fill this position.

The ACCN owns a patent to the Clinical Nurse Leader designation and the Clinical Nurse Leader Certification Examination. The organization uses the titles on their media, and certified CNLs may use the designation on their personal correspondence.

The Clinical Nurse Leader Role

Clinical Nurse Leaders (CNLs) are heads among their peers. They can create positive outcomes in regard to the nation’s most pressing healthcare concerns. While CNLs are actively involved in daily operations they do not work directly with patients. Their prevue is often limited to leadership among the nurse pool, with their charge ending where hospital administration begins. The Clinical Nurse Leaders master’s degree knowledge base helps to ensure th...

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...ital administrators will charge nurse leaders with ensuring that patient positive outcomes prevail while also controlling overhead. Nurse leaders are specially trained just for this task. Clinical Nurse Leaders are the experts that America’s patients will rely on to keep them safe and healthy in hospital settings.

Clinical Nurse Leaders’ responsibility scope includes all nurse and patient management details except for administrative duties. They are important resources in United States medical intuitions. CNL candidates must have a master’s degree to fulfill this position. This knowledge gives them the needed skill set to manage the daily operation of the hospital’s entire nursing pool. They also observe and regulate the patient care setting. Ultimately, the Clinical Nurse Leaders’ role will continue to gain importance as healthcare caseloads increase in America.

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