Essay on A Study On Chinese Mother

Essay on A Study On Chinese Mother

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At the beginning of the article, author Chua gives the reader a list of things that she forbidden her two daughters, Sophia and Louisa, to ever do. The list contains items such as: no sleepover, no play date, no school play, no TV nor computer, no grade less than A, no other extracurricular activities without parent 's approval, no other instruments besides piano and violin. Author Chua claims that this is the list “Chinese mother” would apply to create genius kids such as “math whizzes and music prodigies” (1). Moreover, she explains that “Chinese mother” do not necessarily need to be Chinese, but it is more of a term to describe a very strict parenting style. Chu indicates “Chinese mother” and “Western parents” teaching styles are like night and day. She supports her theory with examples such as: the practice hour’s differences between two parenting styles-three hours versus 30 minutes of practice time; “Chinese mother” would stayed hours to do homework with their kids, whereas “Western parents” are suggested that “’stressing academic success is not good for children’ or that ‘parents need to foster the idea that learning is fun’”(4). Chua argues that when children get good at something the tasks and exercises become fun and exciting to do, although it might seem harsh in the process. Author Chua implicates that practice makes everything perfect, thus persistent is the key to success. She indicates that once the kids get compliments, respect, and contentment their confidence will boost up, and they will forget those harsh sweat hours. The satisfactory results will make them more comply and willing to put in the effort to parents’ requests. Author Chua also explains that it is ok for “Chinese mother” to talk trash or put their k...

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... be; regardless the result is positive or negative. Chu reclaims the overprotective, hovering and authoritarian parents in the end will produce confidence children with skills and abilities that they can take on what life throw at them.
I am not disagreed nor agreed with the author parenting style because all parents would want their kids to be successful in life. Every parent would do their best for their children success; however, at what cost. Children need structure but they are still children. Every child born with a unique and their own characteristic; how can anyone be able to predict or be sure that what we mold them into is what they are meant to be in life? What about their happiness? In the end, it is author Chu recipe to produce “math whizzes and musician prodigies”, not just raise a child with manner and good common sense, so no passing judgments there.

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