A Study On An Australian Stroke Assessment Essay

A Study On An Australian Stroke Assessment Essay

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What was the purpose of the study? The purpose of the study was to detect barriers and/or enablers in the implementation of several stroke guideline recommendations at an Australian stroke unit. Pinpointing the barriers encountered in the translation of evidence into practice will allow healthcare providers to propose and recommend ideas on how to resolve these obstacles. At the same time, the recognition of enablers will serve as an encouragement tool in the implementation of evidence in the clinical setting. Ultimately, facilitating the shift of practice in this stroke unit and similar local units where the findings of this study may apply.
Who participated or contributed data? Although, only three allied health disciples (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and speech pathology) at a Sydney stroke unit were the original population targeted, a total of six disciplines (the addition of nursing, orthoptist, and medicine) composed the final group that participated in this study. The final sample consisted of 28 participants from six different health disciplines, the majority of them belonging to medicine (12), physiotherapy (5), and occupational therapy (5). Also, from the data gathered, most participants were females. Regarding the clinical expertise of the participants, there was a good variety, ranging from 0 to over 15 years of experience, the largest group (9 participants) with 0-5 years of experience. A similar result was obtained when considering years of working experience in a stroke unit. The largest group (9) had between 0-5 years of experience in this specialty unit. All participants were required to sign a written consent prior to their involvement in the study.
What methods were used to collect data? This q...

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...of the same barriers during my personal clinical experiences. Specifically, those regarding beliefs about patient consequences, knowledge/skill requirements, and resources. As a student who is fairly new in the nursing profession, I have some of the best practice guidelines fresh in my mind. However, I find myself in a dilemma when these implementations cannot be performed due to factors such as lack of materials and time. In conclusion, the identification of barriers in the implementations of best practice guidelines has helped me understand the importance of critically thinking about the possible solutions to these obstacles that are very common in the field of nursing. Discovering ways to overcome these obstacles would allow us to achieve the ultimate goal of evidence based practice, to provide the best quality of care possible and yield better patient outcomes.

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